Bedouins and Israeli Policies: Film screening and discussion @ Maison De La Paix Geneve, Genève [12 juillet]

Bedouins and Israeli Policies: Film screening and discussion

12:30 - 14:00

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Maison De La Paix Geneve
Eugene Rigot, Geneva, Switzerland

Bedouins in “unrecognised” villages in the Naqab region of southern Israel have been suffering continuous evictions and demolitions by the state. Meanwhile, Bedouins in the occupied Jordan Valley have been targeted with similar policies of coercion and dispossession. This event aims to situate the Israeli aggression towards the indigenous Bedouin communities within the broader Palestinian-Israeli context.

Organized in collaboration between the Centre on Conflict, Development, and Peace Building (CCDP) and the Middle East and North Africa Initiative (MENA) of the Graduate Institute, this event sheds light on those situations through the screening of two short films shot by members of the Bedouin community and provides a platform for discussing the situation in the Naqab and the Jordan Valley by witnesses from the field.

Khalil Alamour: Attorney and co-director of the Alhuquq Center in the Naqab.
Atwa Jaber: Palestinian Master of Development Studies candidate at the Graduate Institute.
Moderator: Riccardo Bocco, Professor of Political Sociology at the Graduate Institute and CCDP Faculty Associate.
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