Nose Games @ Bellevue, Switzerland, Genève [13 octobre]

Nose Games

13:30 - 17:30

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Bellevue, Switzerland
From Chihuahuas to Labradors, dogs have an awesome nose, they see their world trough the scents around them. They are capable of detecting, following and distinguishing different scents in a way that is hard for us to even imagine. This heightened sense can become a source of fun and activities for both indoors and outdoors, that channel the dog’s energy, help tire them down mentally, and make them feel content in their daily life. These activities are also a precious ally to those who are looking for a way to channel their dog’s hunting instincts.

Come spend the afternoon with us and learn how you can set up and train fun and easy nose games: searching for an object (a toy for example), Following a trail, distinguishing and searching for a specific scent. Join the fun and turn your furries into little Sherlocks :)

This workshop is open to dogs of all ages inasmuch as they can manage relative proximity to other dogs as we will be indoors.

This seminar is in English only (see separate event for French speakers)

Participants: max 6 with dogs, 80.-
max 4 auditors, 50.-

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