Geneva BlaBla Language Exchange @ Green Café, Genève [25 mai]

Geneva BlaBla Language Exchange

19:30 - 22:30

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Green Café
77, bd Carl-Vogt, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
How does the event work?
It's simple. At the entrance, you can ask the Geneva Blabla team members to guide you to your group.
There are different language groups, for example, you can practice the local language or improve your skills in Japanese, Italian, English, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, etc… (as long as there is someone else wanting to practice that same language)
Even though you are coming to speak Chinese, you are welcome to practice other languages as well.
Feel free to talk about what you prefer to but keep in mind that we should all respect the differences among our event members since we hope to build up an international event community that embrace the value of friendship.
Quite easy huh?
Join us, making friends, having a few drinks and improving your language skills are always good things to do!
Please, like our Facebook page to follow our events and keep yourself stay in tuned with our possible changes:
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