Brexit Briefing @ The Graduate Institute Geneva - Executive Education, Genève [17 mai]

Brexit Briefing

12:30 - 13:30

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The Graduate Institute Geneva - Executive Education
Villa Barton, rue de Lausanne 132, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland
The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union in less that 12 months. Progress has been made — "divorce" issues have now been agreed, and a 21 month transition period will smooth the way for post-Brexit relations, which come into force on January 1, 2021. As for what those relations will look like, however, this is still an unknown.

♦ How do EU and the UK negotiators, in a little over 11 months time come to an agreement on the big issues, including trade, travel and security?
♦ What is the likely outcome for both sides, and what might this mean for the future of the UK and the future of the EU?
♦ Is there any chance that Brexit may still be halted?

Join Professor Cedric Dupont for and online discussion about how we got here, where the negotiations go from here, and what the future may hold, for the EU, the UK and the wider world.

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