Meet-up #5 "Meet A Blockchain Startup" by Product Hunt Romandie @ Impact Hub Geneva, Geneva [15 février]

Meet-up #5 "Meet A Blockchain Startup" by Product Hunt Romandie

19:00 - 21:00

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Impact Hub Geneva
1 Rue de Fendt, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Product Hunt Suisse Romande is excited to power this *EXCLUSIVE MEETUP* with a Swiss *BLOCKCHAIN* startup,
Procivis AG (
and their upcoming ICO for their *Digital Identity* project, «Val:ID» (

At Impact Hub Geneva, FEB.15, 7pm

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Just as the information in a passport identifies its holder for specific purposes, a digital identity, in its simplest form, is an online proxy for a real individual.
It can be used to identify the individual for many more purposes in our digital age than would be possible with just a paper-based passport. These attributes can represent the obvious: given and chosen attributes such as name, last name, passport number, address, along with other demographic data.
Less obvious digital attributes are preferences, opinions and attitudes (psychographic data).
Collectively, this information can be used to create a profile of a person, with varying degrees of certainty, or level of assurance (LOA), that indicates whether a particular person is indeed who they say they are, thereby allowing the holder of that identity access to services or resources at a physical location or online.
The more strongly these attributes can be verified and linked to the real person, the more valuable such a digital identity can be to the citizens who opt to use it and to the parties who rely on it, and thus to the entire identity ecosystem.

**Val:ID*** is taking personal data management to the next level. At the core is a user-controlled digital identity solution allowing people to transact online securely and seamlessly while safeguarding all their sensitive personal data. Furthermore, Val:ID can directly connect users with data consumers such as product and service companies, brands, researchers and advertisers. With the Val:ID wallet, users can directly and easily start monetizing their personal data in a fully secure and controlled fashion on the Val:ID marketplace. In return, data consumers gain direct access to reliable, anonymized data in a compliant and cost-efficient way.

Your seat here
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