LHCreate - Why we do what we do at CERN @ CERN, Meyrin [du 16 au 17 novembre]

LHCreate - Why we do what we do at CERN

16 - 17
08:30 - 22:15

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Route de Meyrin, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland
LHCreate is a 2-day workshop that brings together creative people and scientists from CERN as well as students from IPAC Design Genève. Four teams of contestants will have two days to build prototype exhibits, which should introduce the world of particle physics to the general public and illustrate what CERN does, why and how.

This year’s LHCreate is brought to you by the CMS and ATLAS experiments.

For CERN people — Are you creative and motivated to share your ideas? Take part and challenge your imagination! Apply here: indico.cern.ch/event/657651/overview

For the public — Are you interested in hearing about the great ideas of the participants and in judging them? Join us in the Globe of Science and Innovation for the public event on 17 November at 20:00.

More information about the LHCreate Hackathon: lhcreate.web.cern.ch/
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