Urban Shape - Workshop Dmitry Fedotov - Sunday 17 December @ Urban Shape, Geneva [17 décembre]

Urban Shape - Workshop Dmitry Fedotov - Sunday 17 December

11:00 - 18:00

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Urban Shape
Rue du Grand-Pré 9, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Sunday 17 December 2017.

14h40 — 16h10: Breaking bad (dès bons débutants)
16h30 — 18h00: The Matrix (intermédiaire)
18h10 — 19h30: Big Bang Theory (intermédiaire)


— Breaking bad (from beginner)
Im not in danger. I am the danger © Mr. White
The workshop is about signature tricks and combos precisely cooked with my own recipe. Along with secret formulas you’ll learn how to synthesize and to use two most needed ingredients – power and speed and how to stay safe working in a pole lab. Step by step you’ll learn my moves on your way to cook on your own.

— The matrix (from intermediate)
Trinity: Neo… nobody has ever done this before.
Neo: That's why it's going to work.
The workshop is about most outstanding spin and fly tricks on the pole, both spinning and static. Time warp and breaking gravity laws are possible here with knowledge and technique secrets you’ll learn at this lesson.

— Big Bang Theory (from intermediate)
I’m not insane, my mother had me tested. © Sheldon C.
The workshop is about most popular flips and acrobatic moves on a pole such as basic flips, fonji or more difficult gainer, round-off etc. With the help of scientific approach and detailed explanations you’ll learn to fight the gravity, that “heartless b#tch” that usually brings you down faster than you want

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Urban Shape — Rue Grand-pré 9 1202 Genève.

65CHF per workshop

[email protected]
Limited Space!
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