5 Day Manifesting Maven's online Program @ Be Happy Now by Lais Stephan, Geneva [du 21 au 25 août]

5 Day Manifesting Maven's online Program

21 - 25
19:30 - 21:30

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Be Happy Now by Lais Stephan
Rue de Fribourg 7, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
This is an online program like no other! :-)

You have two experts in using the law of attraction and co-creating together with the Universe, coming together to teach you how to do the same!

Lais is a psychic healer and past life regression therapist from Brazil/Germany & Tamar is a Shaman Priestess from the US.

In these 5 days we will work on:
*** incerasing your vibration to a vibration of joy, love and acceptance
*** explain how to set goals that the Universe can work with
*** smashing through blocks in your chakras that are making you play small
*** heal your womb, where many negative memories are stored
*** Discover and heal past lives that are blocking you right now to live the life you wish to create and manifest

---> All in the safety of a private FB group with 2h video sessions each day, continuous support in the FB group every day, daily prompts in the morning
---> If you can't be there live for the videos, you can get the replay and watch whenever you have time.

Lais quit her corporate jobs and started her business with zero savings, zero clients and zero knowledge about how to run a business, yet through working with the Universe and the universal laws of abundance she was able to make it work as of the first month. She also manifested her soulmate within 2 days of setting her intention. She manifested a free 5* holiday, being chosen as one of the best writers of the 1st page of a novel she presented in the UK, she was contacted by influential people she wanted to meet without having to contact them first and so much more…

Tamar has manifested her husband within 2 weeks of setting her intention, she manifested going to live in Hawaii, a successful business with workshops she is doing in Europe and the US, a beautiful house and garden with a 400 year old wall that she already had dreamed about as a child. As well as many other opportunities for herself…

All of this can be learned and applied to your own lives. :-)

Come and join us for this manifesting maven's online program! We would LOVE to have you there! In fact right now we are manifesting that you will be! :D
---> Early bird price of only 197$ until end July.
---> early bird comes with big bonus of FREE mini SESSIONS with Lais & Tamar (1on1)
--> 222$ thereafter and no bonus!
---> payment in 2 instalments possible for those in need! Just ask us!

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