Geneva: stage 'Voice Yoga' Maria Sita (DK) @ Geneva, Switzerland, Geneva [14 juillet]

Geneva: stage 'Voice Yoga' Maria Sita (DK)

13:00 - 17:00

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Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Voice Yoga is a carefully selected mix of yoga, singing and African-inspired dance moves that stimulates, relaxes and strengthens the entire body.

The training starts with African-inspired dance moves that loosen up shoulders, chest, back and hips. This allows your breathing to become freer and deeper, whilst your body is warmed up and softened through patterns of rhythmic movement.

The yoga part kicks off with stretching, strengthening and breathing exercices, followed by voice meditation and chanting, finalizing with a deep, full body relaxation.

The exercises will be presented in a natural flow, supported by a carefully chosen musical progression that supports the development of the Voice Yoga programme.

English spoken, avec traduction française
Quand: sam 14 juillet 2018
Horaires: 13h-17h
Prix: CHF 99,-

Sign ups:
— Maria Sita — singer, composer and teacher

Maria Sita is a voice, rhythm and yoga teacher who grew up with yoga. She experienced how yoga benefits the voice. She is a certified teacher trained at the Creative Yoga School (since 2003).

Maria also graduated from Cathrine Sadolin's Complete Vocal Institute (CVI), one of the world's leading institutes of voice researchers and vocal teachers. She was part of the teaching staff working in Denmark and abroad between 2005 -2009 until she moved away from Copenhagen.

Besides, Maria also specialized in rhythm, improvisation and physical training for singers. She studied African dance with local dance groups in Sukumaland, Tanzania, which she uses extensively in rhythmic training as it supports good grounding, period feel and timing.

With the aim to ensure healthy voice production and to show the importance of rhythm in musical expression, Maria Sita compiled a series of exercises from singing technique, yoga and African dance, which trains and supports healthy, grounded and rhythmically strong-based voice and body.
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